Pumpkin Bread Bake

For a Limited Time ONLY.
Pumpkin Bread Bake Sale 2023.

Our annual Pumpkin Bread Bake Sale is back for the 2023 holiday season! It is a wonderful opportunity for kids to work hands on in a fun and delicious way that also supports Kids Helping Kids! The pumpkin bread loaves are great teacher gifts, hostess gifts or as a tasty addition to your Thanksgiving meal. Orders must be placed online by Friday, November 10th and will be ready for pick up on November 14th. All sales will benefit Kids Helping Kids and will help the organization grow in 2024. Thank you for your support!

Important Reminders

In order to streamline the check-out process and reduce crowding at the table, all orders for pumpkin bread must be placed online and paid for in advance. Your delicious pumpkin bread will be ready for pick up on Tuesday, November 14th at ShopRite of Commerce Park in Stamford, CT.

Please note: all orders must be picked up by 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 14th. 

**No exceptions**

BYOB - Bring your own bag! We won't have any available. 

Purchase Bread:

Deadline for orders: Friday, November 10th

One Loaf of Pumpkin Bread - $12

Donate a Loaf - $12

One bag of bread (10 loaves) -  $100

Donate one bag of bread (10 loaves) -  $100

** Special Promotion ** If you buy one ten pack of pumpkin bread, the cost is $100 rather than $120.

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Bread Bake Sales

We need volunteers to join our sales team! Register to help sell loaves of bread with us.

Send an e-mail to Jen and let her know you'd like to be part of the planning committee.


Pumpkin Bread Sales Kit:

Our experienced sellers have created these materials to support you in a successful bake sale!

~ Pumpkin-Bread-Bake-Sale-2023-BB-info-sheet

~ 23 Pumpkin Bread Bake Sale Sample Email

~Pumpkin Bread Bake Sale 2023 Mailbox flyer

~2023 KHK Bread Bake Order Form

~Pumpkin Bread Bake Sale 2023 FAQ

Volunteer Packaging Opportunity

1990 W. Main Street, Stamford

Note: Please wear your KHK T-shirt at all Bread Bake shifts. If this is your first KHK project we will have shirts available for purchase at the project. The shirts are $20 each and will be your uniform for all KHK projects. In addition, all volunteers who sign up for a bread bake shift at the supermarket are expected to purchase one bag of pumpkin bread. You can sell them in advance to friends, families, and neighbors or sell the bread during the weekend of November 18th.

Learn all about this project by checking out our Pumpkin Bread Bake Sale 2023 FAQ information sheet.

* Please remember to fill out a waiver form if you have not already completed/submitted a KHK Waiver.

Volunteer Packaging Shifts

November 14th: 4:00 - 6:00 pm (labeling the containers and packaging the bread)

November 14th: 6:00 - 8:00 pm (labeling the containers and packaging the bread)

All volunteers are expected to take at least one bag ($100) of pumpkin bread to sell to family, friends and neighbors.

Please use the sales kit to help you.

Pumpkin Bread Table Volunteer Opportunity

Set up a KHK Pumpkin Bread Table and watch the Pumpkin Bread sell itself!

Consider signing up to be at a KHK table and sell our delicious pumpkin bread. Bring a warm jacket and a friend! 

* Please remember to fill out a waiver form if you have not already completed/submitted a KHK Waiver.

Pumpkin Bread Table Shift

Palmer's Market, Darien:

November 18th: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Thanksgiving Parade, Stamford:

November 19th: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Walter Stewart's Market, New Canaan

November 18th: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

November 19th: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Please wear your KHK T-shirt and bring your friends to keep you company!

This year's Pumpkin Bread Bake is sponsored by:


Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to helping to sell bread, we have many opportunities for you to help prepare the bread. We expect that all kids who sign up to volunteer will also sell bread. We ask everyone to take a minimum of 10 loaves that night – whether you’ve pre-sold them or will be responsible for selling them over the weekend. We encourage you to take orders in advance – you will see how easy it is! Remind people that they can donate a loaf and our Cocoa Committee will deliver those donated loaves to people in need on Nov. 21st.

Cocoa Committee: Emma created the Cocoa Committee to really connect with the hundreds of people who visit Inspirica for food to make a Thanksgiving meal. While they wait in line for food, KHK gives them samples of our pumpkin bread, smiles, conversation, and a cup of cocoa. After they’ve picked up their food, we give them a loaf of pumpkin bread and wish them a wonderful holiday. It feels so good to see the people’s faces light up! It is also gratifying to see exactly where all the donated loaves are going and all the smiles they create in one day.

November 21st: 10:00 -12:00 PM (Salvation Army 198 Selleck St, Stamford)

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Project History

November of 2001 was the beginning of the Annual Pumpkin Bread Bake Sale. Before KHK was even formed, Lexi Kelley would bake loaves of pumpkin bread at home and sell them, with all proceeds going to help local children in need. Our first year, we made and sold 50 loaves! Because of our success, we now partner with a professional bakery to make thousands of loaves. Our team of kids now, packages and sells over 2,000 loaves every year, and this money helps fund all of our youth-led service projects. You can buy them for yourself or we can personally deliver them to families in need on your behalf. We depend on every one that is part of KHK to sell and buy these delicious nut-free loaves.

2022 was a record year for bread bake sales. Our team sold 2,500 loaves of bread and over 600 loaves were delivered to families in need. Thank you to all the KHK youth volunteers and friends who sold the bread. In addition, a huge thank you to our partner, Grade A ShopRite, and their team for their generous help in making this happen. Thank you also to all the stores and businesses that let our kids sell the bread at their locations.