Let's work together to deliver some much need inspiration to our friends and neighbors during this difficult time!

Project Information

Lexi and Jenn Kelley love painting rocks and putting inspirational phrases and uplifting words on them. They enjoy putting them on people’s doorsteps or in their mailboxes to surprise them with words of encouragement.

Let your creative juices flow during this time of quarantine and join us by getting a few rocks, painting them with your quarantine buddies, and then leave them as an inspiration gift on your neighbor’s doorstep. Help spread positivity during this uncertain and challenging time!

Help Us Build a "Rock Wall"

When you have completed this project, please email us some pictures of your rocks! We are working to put together a visual representation of everyone's acts of kindness during quarantine!

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Some inspiration for your rocks:

Be a rainbow in someone else's day

You matter


Kindness rocks

Be kind

You are loved

Not all who wander are lost

Chase your dreams

Be the change

The world needs you

Here comes the sun

Kindness wins

You are not alone

Inspire kindness

Be happy

Don't give up

Have hope

Inspire others

Today is a gift

You're beautiful

You can do it

Spring into action

Love yourself

Kindness matters