Sports Day

Kick it with Kids

This project is being held this fall at The Boys and Girls Club of Stamford on Wednesday evenings. Aidan, a KHK Lead Ambassador, will be leading this project for local youth as Head Coach.

Project Information

What was once sports day is now known as Kick it with Kids! Lead Ambassador Aidan will now be leading this project at The Stamford Boys and Girls Club of Stamford. He hopes to teach the kids soccer skills while also working on team building qualities.

Project History

This idea was born from a love of sports back in 2014 by Billy and Jack Schulz who wanted to share their passion for sports with others. Billy and Jack Schulz want to share the fun and joy of playing sports with kids that might not have the same opportunities to play that they have experienced. It was an afternoon filled with fun games to play with kids ages 8 – 11 years old at the Stamford Boys and Girls Club. Ambassadors Johan, Reilly & Connor continued this project and focused on teaching the kids about soccer techniques. All of the guests were so excited to play soccer with our skilled ambassadors!

Summer 2020 Lead Ambassador Aidan led Kick it with Kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford for Summer Camp. Aidan shared his love of soccer with kids ages K-5 in hopes that it would provide a fun activity for the summer. He practiced passing, dribbling and shooting skills with the kids until mid-August.