Stronger Together

KHK’s “Our Community” Project

Right now the world is uncertain and stressful, but we know that we are stronger together. Join us as we create an art installation to help uplift our spirits and spread some joy!

Project Information

KHK volunteers and families will cut out their own “part of the community”. Volunteers can then color/decorate these paper people to represent their family, essential workers, what they think our community looks like, heroes, etc.

Once you have decorated your people please fold up your chain and mail it to Jen B! After receiving all of the submitted paper people Jen B and Hannah will work together to create an art installation for the community. All of the paper people will be attached to form one big “community” and in the center, there will be a sign that reads “ KHK...Stronger Together”.

This project offers kids an offline opportunity and a chance to work together to create something beautiful for the community. This project is suitable for children of all ages. There is no limit to how many paper people we can receive.

How to Participate:

KHK’s “Our Community” Project

Click Below to Receive Our Paper People Template and Instructions

Time: Due by June 1st

Location: At Home Project

Please mail finished paper chain to:

Jennifer Bentley
77 Crystal Lake Rd
Stamford, CT 06905