Taco Night Inspirica

Taco Night at Inspirica

We will be preparing and serving residents at Inspirica a delicious and fun build-your-own taco dinner.  Our volunteers will also spend some time reading and coloring with the Youth Center kids!

Items We Need Volunteers to Bring

KHK volunteers: please sign-up for item(s) that you will be responsible to make/buy and bring. Food must be prepared in advance but will be warmed up on site.

List of items for dinner (must serve 30):

* Shredded Chicken – 1 medium foil tray
* Ground beef with taco seasoning – 1 large foil tray
* Rice and beans – 1 small foil tray
* Soft tortillas – 4 packages
* Hard shells – 2 packages
* Guacamole – 1 container
* Shredded lettuce – 1 small bowl or tray
* Diced tomatoes – 4 large tomatoes chopped
* Non Spicy Mexican Shredded cheese – 4 bags
* Mild salsa – 1 large jar
* Sour cream – 1 large container
* Fruit salad – 1 large foil tray
* Plastic Cups -50 count, 8 oz.
* Juice Boxes – 30 (preferably low sugar)

Project Registration

Next Taco Night: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: Inspirica, 141 Franklin Street, Stamford, CT

Note: Please eat before you come so that we can focus on making it a special time for the Inspirica residents. Volunteers are welcome to make a taco during our debrief at the end of the event.

 * Elementary aged volunteers must be accompanied by a parent/guardian