Tech Time

Tech Time

Lead Ambassador, Gerard, is excited to share his passion for coding with a weekly project especially designed for elementary aged children.

Project History

This project was started by Tyler.  Here is his story:

"Hi! My name is Tyler and I really enjoy technology. In a digital age, coding can be an art form with which to express yourself, and a really fun way to create. Tech Time is a project to help kids learn an essential skill for the coming century: how to code. In this project, we will be teaching a small class of middle school students the basic coding concepts using Scratch, a drag and drop system that runs Javascript. We are excited to be sharing our love of coding with the kids at the Carver Center, Norwalk!"

Project Information

Lead Ambassador, Gerard, has reignited Tech Time to share his passion for coding with a weekly project. This project and its curriculum will be run via Scratch. Gerard has designed this project especially for elementary aged children and is excited to showcase this technology and all it can do.


Tech Time: Thursdays

Time: 4:30 pm-5:30 pm

Location: Online Via Zoom