Write to Inspire

Write to Inspire

Lead Ambassadors, Noor and Sanah, have a passion for writing and are really excited to launch a series of writing workshops at the Boys & Girls Club.

Project History

Write to Inspire was started in 2018 by KHK Ambassador, Brooke Lange. As a student at Greenwich Academy, Brooke cultivated her love of writing and really enjoys to express herself through the written word. During the summer, she led a series of workshops to teach children at the Boys & Girls Club all about writing. Once she graduated from high school, Brooke passed on the torch to Noor and Sanah. The sisters launched their project in October 2019 and return every Friday afternoon to share their love of writing!


Write to Inspire: Every Friday

Time: 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Location: Boys & Girls Club, 347 Stillwater Ave, Stamford