Writing Competition

Write to Inspire Diversity Writing Contest

Lead Ambassadors, Noor and Sanah, have a passion for writing and previously led a series of writing workshops at the Boys & Girls Club. They are excited to launch this writing competition and provide a vehicle for kids to share their own experiences with diversity.

Project History

Write to Inspire was started in 2018 by KHK Ambassador, Brooke Lange. As a student at Greenwich Academy, Brooke cultivated her love of writing and really enjoys expressing herself through the written word. During the summer, she led a series of workshops to teach children at the Boys & Girls Club all about writing. Once she graduated from high school, Brooke passed on the torch to Noor and Sanah. The sisters launched their project in October 2019 and returned every Friday afternoon to share their love of writing!

Contest Information:

Prompt: The prompt is an open-ended creative writing piece about diversity. Students
can choose to write about how diversity impacts their community, life, or surroundings.
They can also choose to write about why diversity is important.

Writing Criteria: All forms of writing are acceptable, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry,
prose, essays, or short stories. Entries may not exceed over 750 words.

Who Can Enter: All students in middle school (grades 5-8) may enter the contest.

Submission Details: Participants are asked to list their information (name, grade, school and
email address) in the body of the email. The deadline is October 31st and all submissions must be made by email.

Judges: Noor and Sanah Rekhi

5th grade winner→ $50 (Amazon gift card)
6th grade winner → $50 (Amazon gift card)
7th grade winner → $50 (Amazon gift card)
8th grade winner → $50 (Amazon gift card)

This contest is sponsored by Realist Ventures

To Enter This Contest:

Deadline: October 31st, 2020

To enter, please email your submission to futureauthors@kidshelpingkidsct.org