Hope Day

Held on June 25th at Mill River Park...

Hope Day, a mental health fair, brought together residents from Stamford, Norwalk, and New Canaan, offering a plethora of mental health resources. With over 30 vendors in attendance, the event aimed to provide support and resources to as many teens and adults as possible. Our Youth ambassadors were thrilled to have over 100 registered attendees, along with numerous walk-bys. The fair was held at Mill River Park, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the community to gather. Attendees enjoyed various activities and treats, including delicious tacos from La Cathedral de los Tacos, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, face painting, yoga sessions, and even treats from McDonald's. The event fostered a sense of togetherness and showcased the power of KHK in promoting mental well-being.

Mill River Park

1040 Washington Blvd Stamford

The event is rain or shine. If it rains, we will be inside the Whittingham Discovery Center.

We are so grateful for all of our community partners who will be in attendance.

We are so grateful for the generous support of our sponsors:

We are grateful for the guidance of the Yellow Tulip Project and the Stamford Youth Mental Health Alliance.


Yellow Tulip Project: Our mission is to smash the stigma surrounding mental illness and to build a community of people who realize that hope happens when youth and community leaders work together. We hope that someday mental illness will be as normal to talk about as any physical illness, and are fiercely dedicated to making this goal a reality.

Stamford Youth Mental Health Alliance: The Stamford Youth Mental Health Alliance (Stamford YMHA) was created to address urgent mental health problems affecting many of our residents, especially our kids and teenagers in Stamford. We are focused on prevention, early intervention, and access to care and resources to promote mental wellness throughout our community. Our goal is to engage young people, their families, and organizations in Stamford to build resiliency and better care for our young people.