Teach Your Kid Early About the Value of Reputation & Personal Brand

As adults, we live with reputation issues every day. Someone at work doesn’t like us, so we are passed up for a promotion. Our LinkedIn profile is stale, so we go unnoticed by leaders in our industry. People at the gym gossip about how “unfriendly” we are to the front desk staff. Reputation issues surround us.

Our kids, on the other hand, seem oblivious to how they come across and how they want to be perceived. Whether its toddlers wearing ski boots to preschool in summer, teenagers choosing the right prom date, or college kids contemplating their first job, there are many things kids can learn about reputation and their personal brand.

Start with values. Successful and sustainable personal brand strategies start with a clear understanding of one’s values and ability to act consistently with those values. Raising children through the lens of values-driven behavior ensures we produce adults with a moral compass. It gives young people armor against peer pressure and corporate stresses that drag down their career and sense of identity. Read More 

Research conducted by Christian Lesoravage, KHK Intern