Ted Molina

Age: 17

School: Wilton High School

Years with KHK:  4 years

How it all started: I wanted to do more work in community service and did some research online looking for organizations that focus specifically on kids.

Favorite KHK event: Launching Libraries

We’ve been doing this event for a few years now.  We collected new or gently used books and donated them to the Yerwood Center in Stamford.  It was a lot of fun. I especially liked getting to work directly with the kids that day.  They helped us organize the books by genre and I enjoyed getting to know the kids who would be using the library we put together.

What top three skills have helped you to be successful in your personal life?

  1. Public speaking
  2. Planning an event
  3. Communicating with others

I’ve had to do a lot of public speaking since joining KHK and so that skill has improved. I also had the opportunity to write and receive a $500 grant!

How much do you agree with this statement: My involvement with KHK has strengthened my belief that I have the power to make an impact on another person’s life.

I strongly agree.   Planning and executing a project and then seeing the event come to fruition has really shown me that hard work/team work really pays off.

Why would you encourage others to get involved?

I would encourage others to get involved because of the leadership opportunities.