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Jennifer Kelley - Executive Director

Jennifer is a certified teacher in grades K-6 and has a Masters in the Art of Teaching. She is passionately dedicated to making a difference in the community and collaboratively fostering future leaders. After her daughter, Lexi, came up with the idea of creating a platform for kids to make a difference in the community around their passions, she helped Lexi form KHK in June 2009 where she served as the executive director until 2018.

She has worked in both private and public elementary school in the Fairfield County area. She has worked as a pre-school teacher and center manager for 12 years where she planned curriculum, trained assistants and taught three differentiated programs. She lived in Asia for five years where she was an ESL teacher. In her early career, she worked for 12 years at C2Media, an international presentation company, as a general manager.