Hear from Community Partners

Kids Helping Kids is a powerful organization to work with. It is so important for today’s youth to give back to the community. The youth led activities has brought different opportunities to the kids from the Boys and Girls Club. Our members have been able to go ice skating, play soccer, basketball, being able to see a live show by curtain call, made slime, had 3rd graders learned about coding. Our Boys and Girls Club members  have been able  to be part of some fantastic events such as: the Gift of Giving and the Handled with Care Boutique which give kids things that they would never have an opportunity to get ~  it truly benefits the community in a huge way.  What I love about Kids Helping Kids is that the older leaders are developing strong relationships with our younger youth. 
Maribel Sandalo

Unit Director, Boys & Girls Club of Stamford

What you have created with Kids Helping Kids is unlocking the DNA that they already have, that leadership skill, that ability to be an agent for change within that they already have, they just need someone to unlock it for them.  With Kids Helping Kids, you have a group of kids who come together to make an impact and they do that in so many different ways. -From Meet Kids Helping Kids video

Jason Shaplen

CEO , Inspirica

The KHK Birthday Bash has made a significant impact on the residents of Inspirica.  Their presence alone makes kids feel special in circumstances where “special” is desperately needed.  Despite their difficult circumstances, the Birthday Bash helps to alleviate the level of stress by providing a happy, healthy outlet for youthful energy.  Our kids can just be kids and we are so grateful for their support.

Curtis Troeger

Director of Children’s Services, Inspirica

Students in the YMCA after school program and summer camp were given extra special treatment by KHK Ambassadors. After experiencing a “Girls Night Out”, our after school students were inspired to share their talents to their community. They offered a very-well received book giveaway and a holiday craft fest. Summer campers had the good fortune to experience three weeks of dance lessons offered by 2 gifted instructors. In addition to immersing themselves in movement and learning new skills, our campers were in awe of the way young people transformed their passion to a community project. 

Danielle Jean-Guillaume Sittol

Youth, Family and Camp Director, Stamford Family YMCA

Hear from Ambassadors

The reason why being part of Kids Helping Kids is so important to me is because  KHK has really improved my ability to work with others. I am now able to respect the ideas of others, even if I have a different opinion. It has helped me to appreciate new and different perspectives because I know we are all working toward a common goal: impacting the lives of the children we serve.
Ava Maubert

KHK Ambassador

As an ambassador with Kids Helping Kids, I have gained invaluable leadership skills like accountability, public speaking and having the confidence to take action Not only do I enjoy helping others, but I also enjoy working with other kids my age who feel passionate about it as well.  Recently, I have been proud to be a part of a committee to lead our ambassador meetings.  This role has allowed me to step up and lead break out groups in focused, purposeful discussions. I am proud to be part of Kids Helping Kids.
Tommy Alvarez

KHK Ambassador

Asking questions and being directly involved in the project planning pushes me to ask myself what I think should happen instead of relying on the advice of adults.  Through KHK I have learned how to take initiative because I know you don’t have to be an adult to organize and plan these big projects. I can make a difference even at my age.
Kimmy Olvany

KHK Ambassador

Hear from Parents

My daughter joined Kids Helping Kids about 18 months ago as shy and quiet 12 year old.  What I love the most about KHK is that they are so open to ideas and offer kids the chance to organize an entire project, helping other kids by themselves,  whilst offering them encouragement and support. What a confidence booster…
Abbie Rawlings-Green

Parent of KHK Ambassador

Kids Helping Kids has been such a wonderful experience for my daughters.  They joined because they wanted to give back.  There are so many opportunities to volunteer.  But it has turned into much more than that.  Through KHK, they have gained independence and self confidence.  They truly feel like their voice matters and they can make a real difference….
Christina Holtam

Parent of KHK Ambassador