Tommy Alvarez

What leadership skills (that you learned at KHK) helped you navigate college?

Kids Helping Kids was a foundational part of my high school life and helped me improve crucial skills that I use to this day. As a member of the first ever Youth Advisory Council, I was able to develop crucial administrative, planning, and public speaking skills that have played important roles in my undergraduate life. As co-director of Honors Across State Borders, an alternative spring break group focused on service addressing housing insecurity, I had to utilize all the skills KHK had taught me to ensure our trip to Roanoke, Virginia with 52 participants was both successful and safe. Similarly, as News Editor of The Daily Campus, I was called to regularly lead meetings and ensure our reporting was accurate, timely, and well-written. Without KHK, I do not believe I would have thrived in these positions as I had. Now, as I prepare to attend Harvard Law School in the fall, I am excited to use the skills first developed by KHK in a new context.

2019 Video Testimonial of Tommy

Tommy back in 2019 at a Martin Luther King Service Project at Filling in the Blanks!