Name:  Tyler Marzen

School: Greens Farms Academy, 10th grade

Favorite KHK event:  Birthday Bash

My favorite project has definitely been Birthday Bash. We are offering the kids an opportunity to celebrate with a birthday party where they may not be able to otherwise.  We have games, cupcakes, music, all the things that are part of a birthday party – but the best part is when the kids who lead you around and show you what they like to do – it brings back memories of when I was younger!

What’s the most important thing you have learned from KHK?

The most important skill I have learned from KHK would probably be being able to discuss ideas with others who have different opinions than me.   I run the Birthday Bash and we have a big meeting about what to expect.  I often come to the meeting with an idea about how to do things that is different than someone else’s idea.  You have to be able to communicate, work together and discuss your different opinions without being defensive.  This skill will help me a lot in life, because not everyone will always agree with me and I have to be open to listening to other people’s perspective.

How much do you agree with this statement:  My involvement with KHK has strengthened my belief that I have the power to make an impact on another person’s life.

Strongly agree.  With the Birthday Bash project, I feel that my volunteering is making an immediate impact on a child’s life.

Why would you encourage others to get involved with KHK?

I would encourage others to get involved with KHK because of the people skills I have developed by being a part of this group.  I have learned valuable skills that will help beyond my years at KHK.  What I like about KHK is that it is youth-led. At KHK, I can start my own project based on something I really love to do and share that with others who will hopefully love it as well. With many other organizations, kids may be the “faces” but there’s usually an adult behind the scenes.  At KHK, I really learn how to run a project.  There won’t always be someone there to help me – I have to learn to do it for myself!