Kids Helping Kids

At Kids Helping Kids, we aim to cultivate leadership through youth-led service projects.  Learn more about how you can join our mission today!

Who We Are

Kids Helping Kids is an organization that has inspired over 5,000 students from 132 schools to participate in youth-led service projects in their communities.

Our youth-led approach serves as a way to proactively get middle and high school students involved in creating service projects that have impacted 65,000 underserved kids in their community.

KHK offers a path for youth to learn how to ignite an idea and follow it through with a project and possibly even a grant.

We partner with local schools in Fairfield County and collaborate with other not-for-profits in needed areas to expose children to the numerous opportunities to meet the needs of people locally and globally! While there are adult supervisors, kids own their projects from beginning to end at Kids Helping Kids.

Check out all of our upcoming projects and mark your calendar!

Upcoming Projects

Learn more about our organization and how you can get involved.

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Have an interest that you'd like to share with others? Learn how you can spark your idea into a new project!

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Are you a middle or high school student? If so, then our Ambassador Leadership Program is for you!

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Our Impact

Our model is simple but incredibly effective. We strive to facilitate opportunities to give back to society while allowing young people to develop their interests and change the world for others. Over 5,000 kids from 132 local schools are involved with KHK.

Why? Because there is nothing like it. KHK gives students a voice, the tools, the belief in themselves and a path to take their power and positively impact others now.

We would love to have you join us!


Children served



"My daughter joined Kids Helping Kids about 18 months ago as shy and quiet 12 year old. What I love the most about KHK is that they are so open to ideas and offer kids the chance to organize an entire project, helping other kids by themselves, whilst offering them encouragement and support. What a confidence booster."

Abbie Rawlings-Green
Parent of KHK Ambassador