Developing Leadership Through Youth-Led Service





























Our mission is to develop leadership skills through youth-led service projects. Kids Helping Kids (KHK) empowers middle and high school students to take their passion for community service to the next level by designing and implementing service projects that benefit low income children in the community. By doing so, students involved with KHK build leadership and real-world life skills. This allows members to discover their individual interests while working in groups to develop their communication and teamwork skills and simultaneously providing benefits to children in the local community.  Our approach fosters a unique awareness among kids who commit to reach beyond themselves and make a difference.

Our model is simple but incredibly effective. We strive to facilitate opportunities to give back to society while allowing young people to develop their interests and change the world for others. Over 5,000 kids from 132 local schools are involved with KHK.  Why? Because there is nothing like it.  KHK gives students a voice, the tools, the belief in themselves and a path to take their power and positively impact others now.

We would love to have you join us at our next orientation meeting!