Brian O’Connor

Brian O’Connor - Board Member

Brian is a thought leader who has a proven track record of developing successful growth and transformation strategies, including market entry, M&A, portfolio rationalization and building customer-centric strategies that maximize revenue and profits. Brian has diverse industry experience in Ecommerce, Software and Business Services.

With over 20 years of strategy and operations experience, he knows how to make strategic insight actionable and drive change by fostering cross-functional teams to implement the strategy and align executive teams around what needs to be done. Brian has built a reputation for charting the winning course, influencing executive teams to reprioritize resources, and tackling the organizational barriers that inhibit cooperation. He builds strong teams that are innovative and implement strategy from a customer-centric approach, which maximizes revenue and profit. Having worked in a number of industries, Brian believes in balancing near-term results with reinvestments for growth that create lasting advantages. He lives in Greenwich with his wife, Nicole, and 2 children.